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Rare event

As a trance fan in Berlin I have hardly any possibility to enjoy this kind of music in the local Clubs. Berlin – even whole Germany – seems to be heavily dominated by Minimal and Electro when it comes to Electronic Dance Music while in a lot of other countries like Great Britain, Poland and whole Scandinavia Trance is much more appreciated.

The more delighted I was when an event “Euphonic meets Anjunabeats” was announced. The lineup: Jaytech (Anjunabeats, British Trance label), Kyau & Albert (Euphonic, German Trance label), Above & Beyond (Anjunabeats), Ronsky Speed (Euphonic), Stoneface & Terminal (Euphonic). All of the sets were fantastic. The international audience including fans from Poland and The Netherlands in the crowded Kesselhaus at Prenzlauer Berg enjoyed this event that went from 10.30 pm – 7 am. I was already expecting a very good set from Above & Beyond and I was not disappointed. So far I didn’t really like Mashups but the ones that were played yesterday (for instance On a good day / Metropolis) I really liked and they seemed to be especially well received by the rest of audience. Other good tracks like the new single “Thing called love” and “Black is the new yellow” as a mashup with “No one on earth” need to be mentioned as well.

The people that stayed until the end  were rewarded by experiencing a fantastic set by Stoneface & Terminal. I admit that I haven’t really noticed much of their work so far but I was heavily impressed by their intelligent, thriving productions being presented on that evening. Here is a short excerpt from Above & Beyond’s set, if anybody knows this tracks please message me.

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