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October 08 2010


former unknown track finally released

It has been a while since I published a little excerpt from an – to me – unknown track that was played at Kesselhalle (Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin) during Above & Beyonds set at “Euphonic meets Anjunabeats”. It turned out that this was a brandnew tune that  – at that time – really nobody knew so no one was able to help me. The meanwhile identified track was finally released and it is surely one of the trance highlights of the year. The artist is 7skies, the title “sushi” , a very well mixed and anthem already being no. 1 at the Audiojelly Downlad Charts. No need to mention that this is again an excellent new release by the Anjunabeats label making it with all it’s other tracks that came out in recent times – besides Enhanced Recordings- one of the best trance labels so far.

May 13 2010


Rare event

As a trance fan in Berlin I have hardly any possibility to enjoy this kind of music in the local Clubs. Berlin – even whole Germany – seems to be heavily dominated by Minimal and Electro when it comes to Electronic Dance Music while in a lot of other countries like Great Britain, Poland and whole Scandinavia Trance is much more appreciated.

The more delighted I was when an event “Euphonic meets Anjunabeats” was announced. The lineup: Jaytech (Anjunabeats, British Trance label), Kyau & Albert (Euphonic, German Trance label), Above & Beyond (Anjunabeats), Ronsky Speed (Euphonic), Stoneface & Terminal (Euphonic). All of the sets were fantastic. The international audience including fans from Poland and The Netherlands in the crowded Kesselhaus at Prenzlauer Berg enjoyed this event that went from 10.30 pm – 7 am. I was already expecting a very good set from Above & Beyond and I was not disappointed. So far I didn’t really like Mashups but the ones that were played yesterday (for instance On a good day / Metropolis) I really liked and they seemed to be especially well received by the rest of audience. Other good tracks like the new single “Thing called love” and “Black is the new yellow” as a mashup with “No one on earth” need to be mentioned as well.

The people that stayed until the end  were rewarded by experiencing a fantastic set by Stoneface & Terminal. I admit that I haven’t really noticed much of their work so far but I was heavily impressed by their intelligent, thriving productions being presented on that evening. Here is a short excerpt from Above & Beyond’s set, if anybody knows this tracks please message me.

March 21 2010


Rare purchase

I’ve been quite busy lately so listening to new music and even deciding what to buy and what not was not really high priority on my list of things I did whenever I had a free min. to relax. But track after track landed on my shopping list and now, finally these fine pieces of trance music landed on my computer.

Ferry Corsten – Because the remix (Original Mix)

Lots of people know Ferry since he is one of the most famous (Dutch) DJs catering to the likes of Trance fans around the world. There are many noticeable new vocal trance songs out there and this one stayed in my ear right from the first time listening to it.

Dash Berlin – Never cry again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

While I am not a particularl fan of the works of Dutch producer Dash Berlin (not as much as he is a fan of our city – see his name), this remix is very good. Again, nice vocal trance.

After Meridian & Dave Costa feat Cat Martin – Empty spaces (Dub Mix)

A very nice progressive track from the fabulous Enhanced Recordings label. Heard it the first time on Trance Around The World and I almost dozed off to it – not because it is boring, it is just beautiful. My favorite track at the moment. Reminds me of the big old classic trance tracks way back then.

Hodel & JP Bates – Mirrors (Sunny Lax Remix)

Surely Hungarian producer Sunny Lax is back. After releasing some new tracks and remixes for other ppl which left basically a question mark on my side since they didn’t really have anything to do with his former fantastic releases this here is a fantastic remix.

Alex M.O.R.P.H.  – Sunset boulevard (Original Mix)

Very nice vocal trance by German (! how rare in the trance business) producer Alex M.O.R.P.H. Released on Paul van Dyk’s label.

Simon Patterson – Miss you (Original Mix)

What can I say?  Read here

January 24 2010


Simon as well

I guess in my posts of outstanding trance artists, Joe Garrett  aka “Temple One” was mentioned often enough and there are only a few people out there, whose releases contain such a consistent quality as the ones from Joe.

ButI want to recommend the works of Simon Patterson as well whose tracks are always a pure pleasure to listen to. There are not many DJs out there that create such interesting tracks that consist of floating, heavy beats, progressive elements combined with very melodic breaks and main themes – all of these mixed perfectly and never boring.

You can listen to a lot of tunes (in full length) on his Myspace page. Note especially “Always” – one of the best trance releases last year, “Thump” and the  new track “Miss you” which contains a very nice piano theme.

December 29 2009


09: best trance songs

This was a very good year for trance music. Tons of good releases out there. Germany with its passion for minimal techno (that’s all they obviously only know here)  still widely ignores Trance although some of the big names in Trance dared to come over here and did gigs. So, there is hope.

To create a Top 10 of Trance songs is not very easy due to the abovementioned high number of quality tunes. Anyways, here are my personal favorites :

10. Ankhen & Adrian – Intuition (Sunny Lax Remix)

9. Super8 & Tab feat. Alyna – Delusion (Original Mix)

8. Ramsterdam – Ramsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Mix)

7. Paul van Dyk – Nothing but you (Super8 & Tab Remix)

6. Dan Stone  – Fahrenheit (Original Mix)

5. Bartlett & Dyor – Floating beyond (Lange Remix)

4. Temple One – Sahara Nights (Original Mix)

3. Simon Patterson – Always (Original Mix)

2. Oceanlab – I am what I am (Lange Remix)

1. Ferry Tayle & Static Blue – L’Acrobat (Andy Blueman Remix)

December 11 2009


Just purchased

At the moment Audiojelly is giving away 50 selected tracks for free if you purchase tracks worth at least 5 euros. Since some tunes were anyways already in the waiting line to be bought by me, I used this offer. So, these are the fresh new trance anthems that I got. Quite an international mix:

From Great Britain – Temple One: Sahara Nights (Original Mix). This was finally a success for Joe at Trance Around the World since it became the webvote winner and being even played again a few times after that.

From The Netherlands – RAM: Ramsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Mix). The track was in Audiojelly’s charts for a long time. Fantastic break.

From the USA – Redstar – Stronger than time (Intro Mix). A little bit older track from Redstar. I got notice of it when they played it at Trance.FM

From Romania – Anhken & Adrian: Intuition (Sunny Lax Remix). I admit I didn’t really like the newer productions of Hungarian trance artist Sunny Lax. He changed his style quite a bit. This here is a very good remix though.

November 30 2009

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Newer song by Oceanlab, beautiful landscape scenes.
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And another official video from Oceanlab, again an older song
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Old music video from Oceanlab. A real classic trance song. Unfortunately not many tracks from Oceanlab came with a video, so this is a rare pleasure.
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