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October 08 2010


former unknown track finally released

It has been a while since I published a little excerpt from an – to me – unknown track that was played at Kesselhalle (Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin) during Above & Beyonds set at “Euphonic meets Anjunabeats”. It turned out that this was a brandnew tune that  – at that time – really nobody knew so no one was able to help me. The meanwhile identified track was finally released and it is surely one of the trance highlights of the year. The artist is 7skies, the title “sushi” , a very well mixed and anthem already being no. 1 at the Audiojelly Downlad Charts. No need to mention that this is again an excellent new release by the Anjunabeats label making it with all it’s other tracks that came out in recent times – besides Enhanced Recordings- one of the best trance labels so far.

November 30 2009


Best food and drinks in Berlin

Looking back there were a lot of posts in my blog about restaurants and cafés in the recent past. So, time to sit down and write a short little list of the best food and drink places in Berlin that I visited so far. This list is purely biased of course, created by a vegetarian and subject to change from time to time as soon as I find an even better place in a category:

Best vegetarian restaurant: Samadhi

Best cafè: Café & Bar Hilde

Best cakes: Tortenwerkstatt (Sredzkistraße 63, 10405 Berlin), Café Frau Paul (Hans-Otto-Str. 6, 10407 Berlin)

Best burgers and fries: Yellow Sunshine

Best sandwiches: Luigi Zuckermann Traditional Gourmet Deli

Best juices: Eve & Adams

Best noodles: Spreegold (Hufelandstr. 20, 10407 Berlin)

Best american pizza: Fatass Pizza

Best italian pizza: Pizza Nostra (Lychener Str. 2 – 4, 10437 Berlin)

Best burritos: Dolores

Best falafel: El rief (Schönhauser Allee 47, 10437 Berlin)

Best crêpes: Crêperie Bretonne

Best bagels: Bagels & Bialys (Rosenthaler Str. 46 – 48, 10178 Berlin)

Best soups: Suppen Cult

Best hot dogs: Hot Dog World (Kastanienallee 102, 10435 Berlin)

Best ice cream parlor: Häagen Dasz

November 17 2009


Sandwich around the clock

In der Rosenthaler Straße gab es mit dem “Bagels & Bialys” schon früher eine gute Alternative zu den üblichen Falafel-Läden die noch spät nachts dem hungrigen Gast etwas anbieten. Vor kurzem nun gesellte sich “Luigi Zuckermann Traditional Gourmet Deli” hinzu (Rosenthaler Straße 67). Rund um die Uhr (!) kann man hier extrem leckere und üppig belegte Feinschmecker-Sandwiches geniessen (gibt’s in 2 Größen, auch die kleinere Version macht schon satt). Ausserdem im Angebot sind Suppen, Salate, appetitlich aussehende Kuchen (Apple Pie, Cheesecake etc- noch nicht getestet), Kaffeespezialitäten, Bier und Softdrinks. Hier besonders erwähnenswert die köstliche, selbstgemachte Lemonade. Insgesamt gesehen bereichert dieser Deli das kulinarische Angebot in Berlin-Mitte.

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